Our Web Accessibility

Our goal at CallBeforeYouFall is to make the information on our website accessible to all our visitors, including people with disabilities. Our website follow best practices to W3C’s Web Content Accessibility Guidelines as well we perform regular testing and continue to make improvements to our website as needed.

The use of popular browsers are fully supported to:

  • Change fonts and background colors by using browser’s “Settings” or “Options”.
  • Change text size by using CTRL+ or CTRL- on keyboard, or a “Zoom” option.
  • Navigate using keyboard by the TAB key

If you need more adjustment accessing the content, click on the icon you see on any of our pages and adjust according to your needs.
If you still experiencing any difficulties accessing the content on our website, or have any suggestions on accessibility improvements, you may contact us. Please let us know what accessibility issue you are having. We are here to help.

Call Us: 800.829.1491
Email : info@callbeforeyoufall.com

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