Are you or someone you know facing challenges when it comes to utilizing the bath? Statistics show that falls in bathrooms account for a significant number of injuries among adults. But there are innovative solutions available. Bath aids for getting in and out of the bath can make a world of difference, providing the necessary support and assistance to ensure safety.

Bath aids play a crucial role, especially for those with limited mobility or disabilities. They offer stability, independence, and peace of mind while bathing. Whether it’s an elderly person looking to maintain their independence or someone with mobility issues seeking comfort and safety, these aids cater to various needs – making life easier.

In this article, we will explore eight top-rated bath aids designed to assist people who need help getting into and out of the bath safely. So let’s dive right in!

What Are Bathing Aids?

Bathing aids are essential tools that offer support and assistance to individuals while getting in and out of the bath or shower safely. These aids cater to both elderly persons who require help getting out of the bath as well as those with mobility issues.

When it comes to choosing a bathing aid, several factors come into play. The style and type of existing bath, available bathroom space, and the level of assistance needed all influence the selection process.

From basic grab bars, and shower chairs to more advanced options like walk-in baths – there is a wide range of bathing aids available. Each one is designed with user safety in mind.

8 Essential Aids for Getting in and Out of the Bath For Elderly Users

From convenient bath lifts that gently lower you into the tub, to sturdy grab bars providing stability as you maneuver yourself – here are eight very useful bath aids that can provide you sheer convenience. 

  • Bath Lift

bath lift

One of the top bath aids for getting in and out of the bath is a Bath Lift. Take, for example, the Bellavita bath lift – it’s one of the lightest on the market at only 20.5 lbs! What sets it apart is its easy-to-use design and tool-free installation process.

The Bellavita lowers to just 2.3″ from your tub floor, making transfers a breeze for individuals with limited mobility. With a reclining backrest that can go as low as 50º and an impressive seat height reach of up to 18.8″, deeper tubs are easily accommodated.

When not in use, this innovative lift folds down effortlessly for convenient storage. To ensure safety during use, four quick-release suction cups keep it securely in place on smooth surfaces while anti-slip features prevent accidents.

With options like washable hygienic covers and accessories such as headrests or swivel aids available too – there’s plenty to choose from based on individual needs!

  • Grab Bars

grab bars

Another essential bath aid for increased safety and stability is the grab bar. Installing well-positioned grab bars in your bathroom can make a significant difference when it comes to preventing slips and falls.

For instance, Easy Mount Grab Bars are designed with versatility in mind. With 9 mounting holes instead of the standard three, they offer greater flexibility during installation. These bars also feature flange covers that conceal screws for an easy and modern finish.

L-Shaped Grab Bars provide secure support for both left or right sides of the shower or bath area. They come with key slot patterns on their flanges and boast an ambidextrous design.

If you require more functionality, consider the Dependa-Bar. The pivot-and-lock technology offers five different positions at 45-degree intervals—providing support exactly where you need it in your bathtub or shower stall. Tuck it away conveniently against the wall when not in use.

We also recommend checking out PT-Rail Angled, which offers additional support when navigating two or three stairs. It works as a handy assistive tool inside accessible bathrooms equipped with varying levels within their layouts!

  • Shower Chairs

shower chairs

For individuals who prefer to shower rather than bathe, shower chairs are a fantastic aid for added stability and comfort. These chairs are designed to be placed inside the shower or wet room area, allowing users to sit safely while bathing.

Shower or bath chairs provide peace of mind by reducing the risk of slips or falls while standing in slippery conditions during showers or baths. It makes them an ideal choice for those facing mobility issues. You can even find pediatric chairs suitable for children of all sizes!

  • Roll-In Shower Chairs

roll-in shower chairs

When it comes to safety in roll-in showers, especially for seniors or individuals with mobility challenges, having the right equipment is crucial. Call Before You Fall understands the importance of meeting accessibility regulations while prioritizing your comfort.

Our line of roll-in shower chairs is designed to provide stability and support when using slippery shower floors. Meeting compliance with national and local government requirements such as ADA/ANSI A, ANSI B, and California Title 24 ensures a safe bathing experience.

These specially crafted bathroom aids offer comfortable seating while supporting an individual’s weight during bathing or showering activities. With these accessible solutions in place, you can have peace of mind knowing that safety is always within reach.

  • Super Pole

super pole

The Super Pole is a versatile tool that provides functionality and stability for individuals who need it the most. Whether you require bathroom safety support or something to grab onto near your bed, the Super Pole has got you covered.

Installing this heavy-duty pole is a breeze, without any damage to your floor or ceiling. With its adjustable design, it can fit various room heights ranging from 93″ to 99″. The comfort grip ensures easy support while maintaining user safety.

What sets the Super Pole apart are its customizable features. As mobility needs change over time, additional accessories like the innovative SuperBar can be easily added for enhanced support.

  • Walk-In Tubs

walk-in tubs

If ease of accessibility is your top priority, look no further than a walk-in shower or tub. There are various models to suit different needs, from residential to commercial applications. All the tubs come equipped with doors featuring gaskets for a water-tight seal.

Walk-in tub provides easy access for individuals with limited mobility or disabilities who find it challenging to step over the edge of a conventional bathtub safely. To enhance relaxation and reduce stress further, some walk-in tub models also offer optional Chromatherapy lights that create a soothing ambiance during your bathing experience.                  

At Call Before You Fall’s range includes three types: 

Inward swinging door model- ideal when space is limited. 

Side-entry with an outward swinging door- allowing wheelchair transfer options.

Bariatric options- designed specifically for users requiring higher weight capacity support compared to standard units.

  • Non Slip Coating


non slip coating

Slip and fall accidents pose a significant risk, with the National Safety Council reporting that related costs exceed $100 billion annually in the U.S. alone! That’s why incorporating non-slip solutions is crucial to bath safety.

Non-Slip coatings are designed to help prevent slip and fall mishaps in bathtubs and showers. These specially formulated coatings provide a texture similar to 200-grit sandpaper, enhancing traction without being too abrasive on bare skin.

By installing non-slip surfaces on your bathtub or shower floor, you can significantly reduce the potential for slips during bathing or showering. Don’t forget about applying non-slip decals onto bathroom tiles as well – they can be just as treacherous when wet!

  • Tub Cutouts

tub cutouts

Another effective aid for getting in and out of the bath is a tub cut-out, offering an excellent compromise between safety and bathing convenience.

Tub cut-outs can be performed on various types of bathtubs, including fiberglass, steel, or even cast iron. The installation process takes less than one day! It involves removing a section from the side of your existing bathtub to create a step-in access point while still retaining its functionality as a regular bath.

This modification greatly reduces the risk of falls while providing easy step-in access for individuals with mobility challenges. Not only does it make bathing safer but also more cost-effective compared to remodeling options available in the market.

Importance of Bathing Aids for the Elderly and Disabled

The dominating anxiety of sliding on a wet floor or having trouble standing unassisted may discourage people from taking a bath entirely. It’s essential to handle these issues while maintaining their independence and dignity.

Bathing aids play an essential role in ensuring safety during bathing routines for both the person needing assistance and their caregivers. By incorporating various mobility aids like bath seats or grab rails into their daily routine, the risk of falls or injuries is significantly reduced.

Imagine the relief not just for those using these aids but also for family members who assist with personal care duties. It’s a win-win situation that promotes freedom without compromising anyone’s well-being.

Proper Techniques for Bathing without Aids

While bathing aids can greatly assist with accessing the bathtub and ensure your safety, it’s important to know proper techniques in case you don’t have any bathing aids available. By following these steps, you can safely get out of the bath without assistance:

  • Check that the side of the bath is dry to prevent slipping during transfers.
  • Hold onto the edge of the tub and pull yourself from sitting in a lying sideways position.
  • Transition onto all fours so that you are facing the tap end of the tub.
  • Holding onto one side of the bath, push up gradually to move into a kneeling position.
  • Keeping a firm grip on the edge for support, rise from your knees until you are standing on your feet.

Remember: Bring one leg over first while ensuring that there is no wet or slippery flooring outside before bringing out your other leg for stability.

Can I Receive Assistance in Selecting Bathing Aids?

Absolutely! Choosing the right bathing aid can be overwhelming, but organizations like Call Before You Fall are here to help. We specialize in mobility safety products and provide expert advice on selecting the perfect aids for getting in and out of the bath.

How do we assist you? 

– Our knowledgeable team assesses your needs

– We recommend suitable options based on your requirements

– We can guide you through our wide range of quality bathing aids available on the website

By relying on professional assistance, it becomes easier to find the ideal bathing aids that promote independence while ensuring complete comfort and safety. So choose Call Before You Fall if you are seeking any help!


In final words, the importance of aids for getting in and out of the bath cannot be overstated. These devices empower individuals with mobility challenges, enabling them to maintain their independence while ensuring safety and comfort in the bathroom.

By incorporating innovative solutions like bath seats, grab rails, or walk-in baths into daily routines; people can enjoy bathing without fear of accidents or falls. These aids provide stability when standing in the shower or ease during the process of getting into and out of a bath.

At Call Before You Fall, we understand that everyone’s needs are unique. That’s why our wide range of bathroom aids is designed to help make bathing easier for all individuals – from tub cut-outs to advanced electric bath hoists.

Keep in mind that investing in suitable bathing aids not only enhances safety but also helps improve overall well-being by providing an opportunity for relaxation and self-care. Don’t hesitate to explore the different options available today!