Roll-in showers are gaining a lot of popularity in home design. Anyone with mobility issues can simply use these showers because there are no stairs or high thresholds to step over. They have a reputation for being fashionable, safe, and valuable.

This post will define what is a roll in shower and discuss its advantages, drawbacks, and why many people choose them. If you’re considering remodeling your bathroom or are just interested in these modern showers, continue reading to make an informed decision.

What Is a Roll In Shower?

Roll-in showers are shower areas that wheelchair users can roll straight into easily. People with mobility issues may find bathing difficult, and an unsafe shower can be especially dangerous for them. However, this particular innovation provides ample space and amenities that make the bathing process simple and accessible to all.

There are roll-in showers of two varieties. One of the types is at least 60 inches long and 30 inches deep, with three walls and one open side. All of these walls are supported by bars. The other version is 60 inches long and at least 36 inches deep It has safety bars on the walls and a short wall at the entry with a seat behind it.

What Features Are Included in Roll-in Showers?

An amazing quality of roll-in showers is that they can be customized for required assistance. The choice of features depends on the type of support the user will be needing in the shower. Grab bars, shower heads, shower seats, and thresholds are common and obvious options. Let’s learn more about these.

  • Shower Heads

A vital component of any shower is a shower head. Usually, they are attached to vertical bars with movable upper and lower ends. Wheelchair users who need the water to come out at a lower height will find this feature helpful. It also enables others to adjust the shower head to a height that suits them. Handheld shower heads are a common feature of wheelchair-accessible showers. These heads are lightweight and portable.

  • Grab Bars

It’s common knowledge that grab bars help maintain balance in bathrooms. Because of their strength and durability, they offer additional support to stop slips and falls. Grab bars are often positioned horizontally on either wall of a roll-in shower. They can, however, also be placed vertically or at an angle if necessary.

  • Shower Seats

Roll-in showers are not only for those who require special shower wheelchairs. You can go for foldable bench or shower seat attached to the wall that will help anyone who can’t keep standing up for long. When not in use, you can fold these chairs up. You can also use an independent shower seat that can be removed and repositioned as needed.

  • Thresholds

Thresholds are typically present in roll-in showers to contain the water. However, they must be half an inch high and sloped. Depending on the shower space and the water spillage pattern, roll-in shower thresholds can occasionally be lower without any slope, measuring only a quarter of an inch.

what is a roll in shower

Why Implement a Roll-In Shower?

A person may decide to use a roll-in shower for several reasons. The primary defense is that it encourages bathing for those with mobility issues. There is no barrier at the entrance of a roll-in shower, so users can enter and exit without stepping over anything. This lowers the possibility of falling and slipping.

Also, roll-in showers are simpler to operate. Showering is made easier by features like attached benches and hand-held shower heads.

The ability of roll-in showers to promote independence is among its best features. A roll-in shower can be a lifesaver for people who typically require assistance with bathing. Many persons with mobility challenges can wash by themselves without the assistance of a caregiver. They may feel more independent and respectable as a result.

A person’s quality of life can be greatly improved by being able to maintain their personal hygiene on their own. It can help individuals feel more confident and better about themselves. A roll in shower is exactly the kind of aid that helps people with such a feeling.

Moreover, roll-in showers are a huge relief for caregivers. They can feel less stressed and have more time for other activities. It’s because they know their loved one can independently take a safe and comfortable bath in a roll-in shower.

Benefits of Using a Roll-In Shower

Roll-in showers are sometimes known as barrier-free or curbless showers. Beloved seniors or anyone struggling with mobility issues can have an improved shower experience with such an inclusion in their bathrooms. If we talk about safety, accessibility, and aesthetics, roll-in showers check all the boxes. Let’s find out how.

  • Increased Safety

The primary advantage of roll-in showers is their increased safety. Regular showers typically have a high edge, which can be risky and result in falls or slips. The entrance to a roll-in shower is flat or gradually sloping. As there is no step to trip over, they prove to be absolutely safe.

Additionally, many roll-in showers include non-slip floors. This improves your grip and lowers the risk of collisions. Grab bars are an additional safety feature of roll-in showers. Thanks to these strong bars, you feel more steady and secure, knowing you have something to grab when you enter, exit, or move around in the shower.

  • Easier Accessibility

Roll-in showers are fantastic since they provide easy use for all users, particularly those who require support while moving around. The nicest thing is that individuals in wheelchairs or using walkers can enter and exit quickly because there isn’t a step or edge for them to trip over.

Shower heads that can move up and down are also common in roll-in showers. This is useful since it allows you to change the height to fit people sitting, standing, or using a wheelchair. Roll-in showers have the added benefit of having controls that are easily reached even when seated. This makes it easy to grab some soap and shampoo or turn on the water tap.

  • Visual Appeal

Roll-in showers are fashionable and functional. They have stylish designs that give your bathroom a modern look. You can select from various finishes and styles based on your personal preferences and the overall look of your bathroom. As we already mentioned, roll-in showers are customizable, which means you can design them as you like.

One interesting feature of roll-in showers is that no door or curb blocks the view. This is especially useful in smaller bathrooms. A roll-in shower is also a great way to increase the value of your house because more and more buyers are now attracted to accessible home designs. So, if you ever decide to sell your home, having a chic roll-in shower will improve the appearance of your bathroom and draw in more purchasers.

How Much Does it Cost to Install a Roll In Shower?

Installing a roll-in shower usually requires remodeling your bathroom, which can be costly. If you are not building from the ground up, the most essential task is to remove the existing standard bathtub and replace it with a roll-in shower. The type of roll-in shower you choose and the layout of your bathroom will decide the cost. A roll-in shower typically requires upgrading a bathroom costing over $10,000.

Even if your budget and the estimated cost don’t match, try not to compromise on the must-have safety features and always maintain the measurement guidelines.


If accessibility is an issue, a roll-in will significantly improve your bathroom and shower experience. These modern aids make it simpler to enter and exit the shower and utilize the space without worrying about slips and falls. They aim to offer proper shower experiences, guaranteeing safety and independence for people with mobility difficulties.

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