A pool lift is a remarkable device that assists users in getting into and out of a pool. It quickly lifts users from the pool deck to the water and then back again, all while seated on a convenient chair or platform. This is suitable for people with disabilities or mobility issues because it enables them to enter and exit the pool safely and independently.

Safety is paramount when it comes to pool lifts. When being raised, they include a harness or seat belt to ensure that passengers do not fall. They also come with a footrest and armrests that may be changed to ensure everyone’s safety and comfort throughout the process. But, how does a pool lift work? Let’s explore in this article.

Understanding the Basic: How Does a Pool Lift Work?

Knowing the functioning of all the components of a pool lift is highly necessary for understanding how it works. First, there’s the chair or platitude. Here, the user can sit or stand while being lifted in or out of the water. The seat usually consists of materials like plastic or stainless steel to make sure it is safe and balanced.

The lifting mechanism comes soon after. This mechanism raises and lowers the chair. It sometimes incorporates a hydraulic system or electric motor to provide the necessary power for safe and smooth movement. Additionally, some lifts have a manual crank in case electricity fails.

Following is the remote control or control panel. This mechanism lets the user or another person raise or lower the lift. It contains buttons or switches to operate not just the lifting but also any other great features the lift might offer.

Let’s now discuss the workings of the pool lift. Its purpose is to make entering and exiting the pool simpler for those with mobility limitations. This means they won’t need help from others to get from the pool deck to the water and back. This is vital for those who struggle moving as it lets them enjoy swimming without any issues.

Safety is also very important. For this reason, seat belts and harnesses are used on pool lifts to make sure user safety while being raised. Certain lifts also feature movable footrests or armrests for added comfort and secureness. Naturally, pool lifts must adhere to safety rules to ensure that they are safe for everyone to use.

In the next section, we are going to explain how to use a pool lift to enter and exit the water.

How to Use a Pool Lift to Enter the Water

The first thing to do is to move your wheelchair as close to the pool chair lift as possible to facilitate a smoother transfer when ready. If you feel comfortable doing so, try getting into the chair independently. If not, get assistance from someone to do so securely.

Once seated, use the harness to secure yourself or your loved one. It functions similarly to a seatbelt, Never move the lift until the shoulder and waist straps safely restrain you.

Next, lower the chair lift into the water by operating the controls. Remove the straps only after the lift is complete and the user is submerged in the water. Remove them gradually to allow your body to acclimate to the water.

Use the controls to raise the chair back into storage after swimming. When the time comes to get out of the water, keep the control close at hand unless someone is present to support you.

types of pool lifts

How to Use a Pool Lift to Get Out of the Water

Once you or your loved one is done swimming, elevate the pool couch into the water. Put on the seat belt carefully and tighten it up. From there, lift the chair out of the water with the remote. Straps must be removed only when the chair is safe.

It’s a good thought to have a towel nearby to dry out. If you want to keep the wheelchair seat dry, consider adding a towel or an absorbent mat. It is vital to avoid pressure sores due to a warm, wet environment, especially if you plan on sitting in a chair for a long time.

Types of Pool Lifts

There are numerous options available when it comes to pool lifts. Each variety has been designed to address a diverse range of mobility issues and has unique features and benefits. Let’s examine the many types of pool lifts and their capabilities.

  • Fixed Pool Lifts

Permanent pool lifts are similar to on-site assistance for safely entering and exiting the pool. They remain stationary, usually attached to the pool’s floor or deck. These lifts are fantastic for locations like public pools, where usually a lot of people swim.

Two varieties of fixed pool lifts exist:

  • Wall-Mounted Lifts: They are usually attached to a wall close to the swimming area. They don’t take up much room, which benefits pools in small spaces.
  • Floor-Mounted Lifts: These lifts are built directly onto the swimming pool deck. They are durable and suitable for a variety of pool sizes.
  • Portable Pool Lifts

Like movable chairs, portable pool lifts make it easier for people to enter and exit the pool. The fact that you can reposition them and move them around makes them a fantastic choice. These lifts are ideal for pools that need to be flexible or allow people to enter and exit quickly.

There are mainly two kinds:

  • Battery-Powered Lifts: These lifts use rechargeable batteries. They don’t require a plug so they can be used outside or in locations without power.
  • Manual Lifts: They operate using hand controls, such as cranks or levers. Since they don’t require electricity, they are less expensive. They are frequently utilized in houses or tiny pools.
  • Spa Lifts

Spa lifts are similar to specialty chairs designed to simplify entering and exiting hot tubs. People can relax in the warm, bubbly water without having to struggle to get in or out because they are made to match the shape and depth of the tub. The transition from the poolside to the tub is smooth and simple with these lifts, which operate on batteries or by hand. They have safety belts, movable seats, and advanced controls that function in the event of moisture. Spa lifts increase people’s flexibility to enjoy the water and make getting in and out of hot tubs safer.

  • Chair Lifts

Chair lifts are an excellent option for those who prefer to remain seated during their lift. They have a chair that is designed to be both comfortable and stable. Depending on where you wish to utilize them in the pool, stationary chair lifts, and other mobile devices are available.


In the quest for an accessible swimming pool, knowing how a pool lift works and setting up one may result in wonder. You or your loved one may be struggling with mobility issues but pool lifts remove that difficulty and promote independent swimming. Gain valuable knowledge, utilize resources and make swimming fun!

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