Whenever we’re thinking about the safety of our loved ones, there’s no room for compromise. This is especially true in one area of the house that can be quite hazardous – the bathroom.

Elderly people who have trouble moving around can get hurt when they walk on wet floors or pass through small places. That’s why bathroom safety for seniors is so important.

As we age, common activities like bathing or using the toilet become potential sources of accidents and injuries. Falls are reportedly one of the leading causes of injury among older adults, often happening right within their own bathrooms.

The combination of wet surfaces and limited mobility makes bathrooms an area where extra precautions should be taken. However, there are a number of products and modifications available, and they can make a remarkable difference in encouraging freedom while lowering risks.

In this informative piece, we’ll tell you about different ways you can create a safer environment without hampering style or comfort.

The Most Common Bathroom Hazards

Water and slippery surfaces may be the first things that come to mind when you think of bathroom hazards. But there are many other issues that can be dangerous for elders. It can be hard to get around in the bathroom if they have trouble moving around, seeing, or reacting quickly. Some common things that can cause accidents are here below:

  • Slippery Floors: Wet floors are both uncomfortable and dangerous.
  • Low Toilets: Getting on and off low toilets can pose difficulties.
  • Unsteady Surfaces: Sinks or countertops that aren’t stable increase the risk of falls.
  • Difficult Bathtub Entry/Exit: Climbing over high bathtub rims is challenging for many seniors.
  • Poor Lighting: When visibility is limited, it creates accident probabilities during nighttime visits to the bathroom.

Later in this thorough guide, we’ll disclose useful recommendations for you to guarantee safety without sacrificing style or comfort!

9 Helpful Products to Improve Bathroom Safety for Seniors

Technology brings about plenty of useful and valuable products for our safety needs. The requirements of our older loved ones vary. It’s because not all of them have similar concerns. There is equipment available to solve every problem. We will be talking about nine innovative products that can improve the safety and security of our seniors.

  • Invest in a Bath Lift

bath lifts

A bath lift is one of the most important things that adults can use to make their bathrooms safer. It’s much easier and better to get in and out of the pool with these smart tools.

It’s basically a seat that lowers you slowly into the tub. This way, you don’t have to climb over high walls or worry about your balance. Because it is simple to use, a bath lift makes you feel more secure and lowers your risk of falling.

Buying a good bath lift can make a big difference in the comfort and liberty of older people who have trouble moving around in regular bathrooms. It’s an investment well worth considering!

  • Using Bath Transfer Chairs

bathroom transfer chair

For those who find it difficult to step in and out of the bathtub, a bath transfer chair can be incredibly helpful. With these chairs, you no longer have to rely on someone else for assistance.

The handles help you grip securely when you make moves. The chairs also feature non-slip feet that keep them firmly in place, even on wet surfaces where regular furniture might shift.

Some of them come with adjustable legs for easy height customization. Finding your perfect positioning is very important, as being too high or low can increase instability and lead to accidents.

  • Install Grab Bars

grab bars

Water and slippery surfaces are unavoidable in the bathroom, but that doesn’t mean we can’t take steps to make it safer. One effective solution is to install grab bars and shower safety handles throughout the bathroom.

When entering or exiting showers or baths, grab bars help keep you steady. Another place to put them is near the toilet to help people sit down or stand up. Having a stable bar around makes it easier to avoid using unstable towel racks or sink tops, whether you’re getting around in tiny spaces or just keeping your balance.

However, must buy the ones that meet ADA compliance standards for weight-bearing capacity, length, diameter, and positioning. This way, you can ensure your loved one’s safety without any worries.

  • Add Non-Slip Coating

Slips and falls on bathroom floors are a major concern for seniors. Applying a non-slip coating to bathroom surfaces is a great way to lessen the risk. This will provide better traction, even when the space is wet.

Non-slip coatings come in various forms, such as sprays, paints, or adhesive strips, that can be easily applied to tiles or other slippery surfaces. They create friction between your feet and the floor, reducing the chances of accidents.

  • Using Roll-In Shower Chairs

roll-in shower chairs

Roll-in shower chairs are very simple tools but effective. The great thing about these chairs is that they can be wheeled into the shower when needed and easily removed after use. It’s very important to make sure the chair is secure on the wet surface. With a non-slip mat underneath, you will enjoy extra security.

As an added safety measure, some chairs come with safety belts, footrests, arms, and backrests that can be used for extra support and ease if needed.

  • Use a Shower Chairs

shower chairs

For seniors who have trouble standing or maintaining balance, using a bath chair can be a simple solution. These are waterproof chairs, also known as shower stools or benches. The basic material is plastic, with rust-resistant metal framing, and you’ll find them in different sizes.

Naturally, every senior has different needs. For example, corner seats or simple shower benches may be better for people who can still get in and out of the shower on their own but want some extra support while they’re bathing.

  • Add Super Pole

super pole

The Super Pole offers strong toilet support for elderly with mobility challenges, making activities like getting up from the toilet or entering the bathtub a lot easier.

One of the standout features of the Super Pole is its height-adjusting capability. That means optimal comfort and stress-free access, where traditional aids often fall short. By reducing slips and falls – which are all too common in wet areas like bathrooms – this trusty pole helps prevent accidents that can cause serious harm.

It has a sleek design, versatility, and a simple installation process; affordability isn’t compromised either. Even for renters who may not want to make permanent modifications to their space, investing in a super pole provides an effective solution without spending a lot.

  • Install Toilet Risers

toilet risers

When it comes to bathroom safety for seniors, a raised toilet seat can make a significant difference. One innovative option is the toilet tilt toileting aid. It’s a patented device with a lightweight yet durable design.

This particular seat offers an easy-to-use solution for individuals who struggle with mobility. It features a handheld control that allows for convenient lifting at just the touch of a button.

Installation is quick and simple, so there’ll be minimal disruption to your daily routine. Battery or corded power options- both are available.

  • Install a Walk-In Tub

walk-in tubs

Installing a walk-in tub can be valuable when it comes to bathroom safety for seniors. These specialized tubs offer easy access and greater safety, reducing the risk of slips and falls that commonly occur in traditional bathtubs.

Walk-in tubs come with comfortable seats, allowing seniors to relax while bathing or showering without the exhaustion of standing upright. Also, taking a stroll through water improves blood circulation. That gives relief to those dealing with arthritis or muscle tension.

With these benefits in mind, investing in a walk-in tub not only promotes independence but also creates an enjoyable bathing experience for our beloved elderly family members.


Ensuring bathroom safety for seniors is crucial when it comes to their well-being and independence. By addressing common hazards in the bathroom and implementing suitable products, we can greatly reduce the risk of falls and injuries.

There are so many choices: grab bars, bath lifts, or walk-in tubs. All you have to do is make simple modifications so you’ll not only create a safer environment but also contribute to your loved one’s overall sense of security.

At Call Before You Fall, we are all about prioritizing senior safety at home. Visit our website today for more information on our range of mobility safety products designed specifically with our elders’ needs in mind.

Don’t wait until an accident happens – take proactive steps now towards improving bathroom safety for your loved ones. Call us today!